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Join us on our Japan Cycling Tour – Nagano to Mt Fuji.

Japan has some of the best cycling in the world! You will ride on roads very few people in the world will ever see, roads only used by the farmers who live in these remote parts of this beautiful country. But this tour is so much more than just amazing cycling! You will experience the culture, learn about the history, enjoy the many tastes of Japan and see why Japan is becoming the 'must visit' country for visitors from around the world. 

Come ride with us on this Intermediate Japan Cycling Tour, Nagano to Mt Fuji. Nagano City is a temple town with the Zenkoji Temple at its heart, and its passion inspired by the majestic peaks surrounding it. Having been attracting pilgrims for over 1,400 years, Zenkoji is said to be a required visit at least once in everyone’s life. In 1998, it was the snow and mountains that beckoned the world to come, for the Winter Olympics.


We will explore various parts of the Nagano Prefecture before heading towards our final climb of the tour, the famous Mt Fuji.


This Japan Cycling Tour comes loaded with breathtaking scenery, challenging riding and plenty of off-bike experiences to enjoy, the stage is set for a uniquely rewarding cycling holiday – one you and your legs will remember for a long time to come.


Intermediate tours strike the perfect balance for those that enjoy a decent ride each day, yet want have some time to absorb the wonderful culture and scenery. You do the riding, we take care of the rest and this Japan Cycling Tour includes your meals and accommodation, the best support crew and guides.


Day 1

Date : June 7, 2025


77.6km/48.2 miles | 948m/3,110 feet

Welcome to Nagano. We will meet at Nagano Station at 10am before walking next door to our hotel. Our team will help you to build your bikes before dropping our bags off at the hotel. Then it's time to get your lycra on and we'll head off for our first ride in Japan.

You'll need to put some walking shoes into your day bag as we'll be doing a 30min walk to see the Snow Monkeys at the top of the first climb of the tour. The Snow Monkeys are synonymous with Nagano so we couldn't leave town before sharing this experience with you.

We'll then enjoy lunch as we head back to Nagano. You'll have some free time in the afternoon before we meet for a short walk to dinner.

ACCOMMODATION: Hotel Metropolitan Nagano

Day 2

Date : June 8, 2025


60.7km/37.7 miles | 1,623m/5,324 feet

Following a beautiful breakfast at the hotel we will head off on our bikes for a short ride to the Zenkoji Temple. This is one of the most important and popular temples in Japan. It was founded in the 7th century and stores the first Buddhist statue ever to be brought into Japan when Buddhism was first introduced in the 6th century.

We will then depart Nagano and begin our journey over the Alps to Hakuba. Nagano is surrounded by mountains so the only way out is to climb! But make sure you take some time to look around as the views are amazing.

The final climb of the day takes us through a short tunnel, with the other side revealing a spectacular view across the valley to the snow capped mountains.

Our accommodation in Hakuba is B & B Santana, a family run Bed and Breakfast (owned by our very own guide, Albert!) located in the beautiful ski resort of Hakuba Goryu, part of the largest ski resort in Japan, Hakuba Valley. We will have the full venue to ourselves and the lounge is a great place to sit back and celebrate a wonderful day on the bike with a cold beer or glass of wine.


Day 3

Date : June 9, 2025


83.8km/52.1 miles | 1,565m/5,134 feet

The great news is that you don't need to pack your bags this morning as we'll be staying another night at B & B Santana. In fact, after spending 2 nights here, enjoying amazing food prepared by Albert's wife Fumi and you probably won't want to leave!

The ride today will include a visit to the 1998 Winter Olympics Ski Jump, which is located in Hakuba. Are you brave enough to make your way to the top? The view is worth it!

With very few flat roads today we will either be riding up or down as we explore the mountains either side of the valley.

Following three days of cycling through the mountains a visit to one of the local onsen's is a must! The serene beauty of Japan is a perfect setting for a rejuvenating hot spring experience. Onsen, as the hot springs are called, are an integral part of Japanese culture and have been enjoyed for centuries for their therapeutic and relaxing properties.


Day 4

Date : June 10, 2025


82.7km/51.4 miles | 1,167m/3,829 feet

We will finally depart Hakuba and head towards our next stop, Matsumoto. The first real climb of the day will take us up to the Kashimayari Ski Fields. The climbing continues until we reach the Kizakiko Flight Park where we often see the paragliding in action. Plus, what a view!

Much of the rest of the day is downhill as we head down the valley towards Matsumoto. The final 5km climb of the day will come 23km's before the finish of the days riding, but from there it's all downhill into Matsumoto.

We'll aim to arrive in town for a late lunch before checking into our hotel for a quick shower. We'll then walk to the famous Matsumoto Castle. It is one of five castles designated as ‘National Treasures of Japan’ and the oldest five-tiered, six-story castle tower remaining in Japan. Construction of the elegant black and white structure with its three turrets began in 1592. Inside the castle are steep stairs and low ceilings leading past displays of armor and weapons from the Sengoku Period (Warring States Period) when the castle was built. The narrow wooden windows, once used by archers and gunmen, provide amazing views of the Japanese Alps, Matsumoto City and the koi (fish) and swans circling in the moat below.

Matsumoto City is located in the middle of Nagano Prefecture and sits at the foot of the Japanese Alps, nestled between the mountains in the heart of Japan.

So after dinner why not head out and explore this beautiful city.

ACCOMMODATION: Onyado Nono Matsumoto Natural Hot Spring

Day 5

Date : June 11, 2025


70.8km/44 miles | 1,729m/5,673 feet

Today will see the team tackle their first real challenging climb as we make our way out of Matsumoto. At the 12km mark we will make a left turn to commence our 5.7km climb. With an average gradient of 9% and peaks of over 14% it's really going to challenge everyone. If this climb was anywhere else in the world it would be famous, but here in Japan, it's just another hill!

We will continue climbing for another 6km's, but at a much easier average of 6% until we reach the summit at the Tobira Pass. But all this climbing will be worth it as we then get to enjoy riding the spectacular Venus Line, which has views as far as Mt Fuji on a clear day.

We will make a number of stops along the way to ensure you get to capture some of the best views of the tour as we make our way to our final destination, the Tateshina Grand Hotel.

Tonight you are in for a real treat as we dine in the hotel and enjoy their amazing buffet style dinner. The food is simply stunning and you can eat as much as you like!

Please ensure you also soak in their awesome outdoor onsen, the perfect way to recover after a big day on the bike.

ACCOMMODATION: Tateshina Grand Hotel

Day 6

Date : June 12, 2025

Lake Kawaguchiko

142.6km/88.6 miles | 1,980m/6,496 feet

Today is our longest ride of the tour! After 5 amazing days in the Nagano Prefecture we will make our way towards Mt Fuji. The day kicks off with a 5.5km descent back down to the valley before a gradual climb takes us to the 20km point of the day.

From here it's mostly downhill until lunch at 84.4km's into the ride. There will be some hills along the way but we'll mostly be making our way down through the valley to our lunch stop in Aoyagimachi.

The fun really starts after lunch as we tackle the 9.5km climb up to Lake Motosu. With an average gradient of just over 5% you'll be able to find your rhythm and just tap away until you reach the tunnel at the top of the climb.

As you come out the other side of the tunnel you will be greeted with an amazing view of Mt Fuji! We are getting closer.

The final stretch to the finish at Lake Kawaguchiko is rolling hills as we ride around the lake to our accommodation for the next two nights. Then it's time to sit back and enjoy a nice cold beer while enjoying the view of Mt Fuji.

ACCOMMODATION: Villa - Kawaguchiko

Day 7

Date : June 13, 2025

Mt Fuji

80.7km/50.1 miles | 1,947m/6,388 feet

The day we have all been waiting for! Today we climb one of the most famous mountains in the world, Mt Fuji.

Fujisan as the Japanese call it, has an elevation of 3,776m / 12,389ft and is Japan’s tallest peak. It is a dormant volcano with the last eruption taking place in 1707. There is something truly magical about this mountain.

We will warm the legs up as we ride around Lake Kawaguchiko and head towards the base of the mountain. There are three roads that go up Mt Fuji and today we will tackle the Subaru Line, a 24km climb with an average gradient of 5%.

It is the most popular tourist road to visit the highest point in a car or bicycle, up to the 5th Station at 2,305m/7,562 feet. There are plenty of places to stop along the climb to take in the views and grab some photos.

Once everyone has made it to the top and we've enjoyed some time taking in the spectacular views from the top of Mt Fuji we will head down the mountain for an enjoyable 24km descent!

Before we arrive back at our accommodation we will make a short detour across to the five-storied pagoda "Chunrei Tower". You will have seen this featured in many photos of Mt Fuji and is one of the most popular destinations during the Cherry Blossom season with 650 cherry trees planted in the surrounding parkland.

We'll then head back to our accommodation to celebrate with a few drinks as we take in the views of this amazing mountain that we have all just climbed on our bikes! It's time to celebrate a great week of cycling!

ACCOMMODATION: Villa - Kawaguchiko

Day 8

Date : June 14, 2025


After breakfast and checkout, we will assist you in making your way from the accommodation to the Kawaguchiko train station for your onward journey. If you are flying home today you will have plenty of time to make your way back up to Tokyo for any flights after 5pm. What a tour!!

  • Guided Rides
    Two professional Ride Guides
  • Support
    Vehicle support during tour in case of breakdown, with access to spare wheels/bikes/parts.Experienced mechanics will ensure your bike is ready to ride every day*
  • Transport
    All ground transportation during the tour.
  • Meals
    Breakfast and Dinner each day
  • Epic Guided
    7 Days of Epic guided cycling through the Alps to Mt.Fuji.
  • Accommodation
    Twin Share Accommodation in mix of Traditional Japanese and Western style lodgings.
  • High end bike rental available
  • Pissei Cycling Kit
    You will receive 1 set of top quality Pissei kit including BIB knicks and jersey valued at $500.
  • 'Real-Time' interactive itinerary
    A free App to download onto your smart phone to have the latest tour itinerary in the palm of your hand.
  • Alcohol
    You are responsible for the cost of any alcohol consumed on tour, unless outlined in the itinerary.
  • Flights
    Airfares to and from Japan.
  • Single Supplement
    A single supplement is available for an extra $800. This will ensure you have your own room for the entire trip.
  • Accommodation before & after
    Any accommodation before or after the tour.
  • Activities
    Activities that are not organised and scheduled by Connect Sport.
  • Bikes & accessories
    Bikes, helmets, shoes, pedals, drink bidons and other cycling equipment. Bike rental is available for an extra $700.
  • Travel Insurance
    Make sure you have adequate Travel Insurance for yourself and your bike.
  • Cleaning and Laundry Services
    Laundry services are available at the hotels.
  • Lunch and Beverages
  • Any Private Expenses
  • Airport Transfers
    Transfers to the start location and finish location back to the airport.
  • Room Service Fees

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