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Join us on our Okinawa, Japan - Bike to Beaches Tour

Imagine a fusion between Japan and a tropical paradise. This is Okinawa! Even if you have visited Japan before or if this is your first visit to Japan, this tour will take your breath away. In many ways the local culture is similar to Japan, but the island still has unique elements of the local culture that you won't find anywhere else in the world. Plus, the cycling is amazing!

This intermediate Japan Cycling Tour will take us around the entire main island of Okinawa. We will start in the busy city of Naha, before travelling north up to the Yanbaru region, which has a forest cover ratio of over 80%!

The riding each day will provide you with a true appreciation for how the locals live today in the modern world but you'll also see areas in the north where small fishing communities have remained untouched for generations.

The accommodation in beautiful beachside locations around the island will provide you with the opportunity to enjoy water sports, snorkelling, relaxing on the beach or just laying next to the pool at the resort at the end of each day. 

Intermediate tours strike the perfect balance for those that enjoy a decent ride each day, yet want have some time to absorb the wonderful culture, enjoy some fun in the water and take in the beautiful scenery. You do the riding, we take care of the rest and this Japan Cycling Tour includes your meals and accommodation, the best support crew and guides.


Day 1

Date : October 11, 2025


Cultural Experience Day

Welcome to Okinawa! We will meet at our accommodation in Naha at 10am to begin our adventure. We will leave all the bags with the hotel concierge before we depart on our shuttle for a wonderful day exploring this amazing city.

Our first stop is the Shurijo Castle which symbolises the history and culture of Okinawa. Then we will visit a more recent historical site of the former Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters from WWII. Our final stop for the day will be a karate experience. You may or may not know that Okinawa is renowned as being the birthplace for karate!

Then it is back to our beautiful accommodation to checkin, shower and meet for our first dinner in Okinawa together as a team.

ACCOMMODATION: Hyatt Regency Naha

Day 2

Date : October 12, 2025

Nashiro Beach

60.9km/37.8 miles | 841m/2,759 feet

Following a beautiful breakfast at the hotel we will head off on our bikes for a ride through the city of Naha. We will get an earlier start to beat the traffic as we leave the busy city streets.

Once we reach the outskirts of the CBD you'll enjoy views out across the ocean as we make our way around the southern edge of the island.

Staying off the busy roads you'll have an opportunity to see how the locals live in the coastal areas closer to the city of Naha. It is here that you will start to see the huge number of tombs dedicated to the families who lived in the local communities that we are riding through. Okinawans have traditionally followed Ryukyuan religious beliefs. This is characterized by worshipping ancestors and respecting the relationships between the living, dead and the gods and spirits of the natural world.

We will arrive at our hotel in the early afternoon and make our way down to the beach. This is where our local guide Ludo will take you on a traditional "Fukaki Sabani" boating experience. The Sabani sailed through the ocean by putting up a sail to catch the wind, and using paddles called wakes, to row and advance the boat. It is unique to Okinawa and will be a truly special experience.

On our return to the beach we will make our way up to the hotel to check in. Be prepared for an absolutely stunning beachside resort!

ACCOMMODATION: Ryukyu Hotel & Resort Nashiro Beach

Day 3

Date : October 13, 2025


114.3km/71 miles | 1,085m/3,560 feet

Following the best buffet breakfast you will ever eat, we will head off for the longest ride for the week as we head north.

We will make our way through some of the busier roads early, before we meet the east coast of the island. There are 160 islands in the Okinawa Prefecture so we couldn't ride past Miyagi Island, which is connected by a man made sea bridge, without a quick visit.

We then ride back over to the west coast of the island where we find our beautiful accommodation for the next 2 nights.

ACCOMMODATION: Kafuu Resort Fuchaku Condo Hotel

Day 4

Date : October 14, 2025

Fuchaku Loop

67.1km/41.7 miles | 631m/2,070 feet

After a longer day yesterday we have a shorter day ahead as we ride south along the east coast of Okinawa. A special treat for today is one of the most spectacular coffee shops you will ever see!

The US Military bases take up 25% of the island! Today we will be riding past Kedena Air Base which often has the new US F35 fighter jets flying overhead. You'll hear them before you see them!

We will finish back at our accommodation in time to enjoy lunch. Then it's time to choose between your afternoon's activities:
- Laying by the resort pool
- Head to the beach
- Go scuba diving or snorkelling at the famous Blue Cave (extra cost)

ACCOMMODATION: Kafuu Resort Fuchaku Condo Hotel

Day 5

Date : October 15, 2025

Sesoko Island

80km/49.7 miles | 1,543m/5,062 feet

We will start today riding north up the west coast before cutting across to the other side of the island. As we arrive in the town of Kin we will ride along the fence line of Camp Hansen, another huge US Military base.

One of the highlights for today will be a tour of the Kin Limestone Cave, which is located 30 m below the ground. Here you will see over 13,000 bottles of Awamori, a distilled spirit unique to Okinawa, which are safely kept in the moist air and constant low temperature of around 18°C. During this visit we will learn how this environment allows for the proper aging of the stored Awamori and see our very own Connect Sport Japan bottle of Awamori which is stored here.

Then it's back on the bikes as we head further north before crossing across the beautiful mountains back to the west coast. This will be our first taste of the quiet mountain roads in this spectacular part of Okinawa. The view from the observation deck before we descend down into Nago provide amazing views out across the ocean.

Our lunch venue today is something truly special. This venue is over 100 years old and you'll get to enjoy some special dishes only found in Okinawa.

Some more climbing on quiet roads before the final descent to the coastline, before crossing the bridge across to our final destination of Sesoko Island. Another stunning beachside resort to enjoy!

ACCOMMODATION: Hilton Okinawa Sesoko Resort

Day 6

Date : October 16, 2025

Okuma Beach

100km/62.1 miles | 1,608m/5,276 feet

Today we will continue our journey to the north of the island, following the west coast. The 1.9km bridge will take us over to Kouri Island, providing amazing views back to the mainland. The water colour is simply stunning in the sunshine!

Following a mainly flat start to the day we will head into the hills in the centre of Okinawa. We are now in the Yanbaru region of the island which is much less populated. The ride today will take us through areas deep in the hills before we make our way back down to the west coast to our next beachside accommodation at Okuma Beach. There are some great activities to enjoy on the beach or relax in the Onsen, right on the private beach!

ACCOMMODATION: Okuma Private Beach & Resort

Day 7

Date : October 17, 2025

Kanucha Beach

110.8km/68.8 miles | 2,149m/7,050 feet

The "Queen Stage" of the tour with 2,149m of climbing across the 110.8km course, will take us to the very northern tip of Okinawa. The coastal road on our way north hugs the waters edge, providing views out across the water. We will ride through a number of short tunnels, keeping the start to the day on flat roads.

Once we make the turn and ride south we will head up into the mountains. These roads have been lost to time, with the forrest overtaking the smooth asphalt roads. You will see parts of Okinawa not seen by many in the history of the island! It's lucky we have a support car as there aren't any 7/11's or vending machines! This area is really off the beaten track.

We will pass a number of dams that hold the water for the locals as we make our way down south to our final destination for the day, the beautiful Kanucha Resort. The beach will be calling to enjoy a swim in the cooling waters.

This resort is HUGE with so many activities on offer from snorkelling, parasailing, aqua park, day spa and so much more! We can help with booking any of these optional extra activities for you.

We will enjoy dinner onsite in one of the wonderful restaurants within the resort.


Day 8

Date : October 18, 2025


69.5km/43.2 miles | 1,446m/4,744 feet

Let's take advantage of where we are! This morning you will have a number of options to choose from before we depart our accommodation. Do you love golf? Why not head out for an optional 9 holes at 7am, or if you're tired from a long week on the bike simply sleep in and relax by the pool for a couple of hours before we depart at 11am.

After a relaxing start to the day we will begin the main climb for the day at the 5.8km mark. This 6km climb will take us back up into the mountains, using roads only used by the local farmers. We will pass even more dams today as we make our way back down towards the middle of Okinawa and our final stop on this amazing adventure.

There is an awesome Onsen in the hotel so make sure you check this out before or after dinner.

Our final dinner together is going to be a real treat! The chef at the Alo Edesse Restaurant in our hotel worked in France for over 20 years and crafted his skills in bringing local produce to life in the most magical way. We are in for a sensational evening of food and wine to celebrate our amazing adventure together.


Day 9

Date : October 19, 2025

Check Out

Sadly the tour has come to an end. We will help you to pack up your bike for your travel home or onto your next destination. We will provide transport for you, your bike bag and luggage back to Naha Airport or another hotel in Naha if you have extended your stay in Okinawa.

It's time to say goodbye after exploring this subtropical hidden gem of Japan. After your friends hear about this tour they will be lining up to come and see it for themselves!

  • Guided Rides
    Two professional Ride Guides
  • Support
    Vehicle support during tour in case of breakdown, with access to spare wheels/bikes/parts. 
  • Transport
    All ground transportation during the tour.
  • Meals
    Breakfast and Dinner each day
  • Epic Guided Rides
    7 Days of epic guided cycling from beach resort to beach resort.
  • Accommodation
    Twin Share Accommodation in 4/5 star hotels and beachside resorts.
  • Cultural Experiences
    - Tour of the Shuri Castle - Tour of the former Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters - Karate Experience - "Fukaki Sabani" boating experience
  • High end bike rental available
  • Pissei Cycling Kit
    You will receive 1 set of top quality Pissei kit including BIB knicks and jersey valued at $500.
  • 'Real-Time' interactive itinerary
    A free App to download onto your smart phone to have the latest tour itinerary in the palm of your hand.
  • Alcohol
    You are responsible for the cost of any alcohol consumed on tour, unless outlined in the itinerary.
  • Flights
    Airfares to and from Okinawa Japan.
  • Single Supplement
    A single supplement is available for an extra $1,400. This will ensure you have your own room for the entire trip.
  • Accommodation before & after
    Any accommodation before or after the tour.
  • Activities
    Activities that are not organised and scheduled by Connect Sport.
  • Bikes & accessories
    Bikes, helmets, shoes, pedals, drink bidons and other cycling equipment. Bike rental is available for an extra $800.
  • Travel Insurance
    Make sure you have adequate Travel Insurance for yourself and your bike.
  • Cleaning and Laundry Services
    Laundry services are available at the hotels.
  • Lunch and Beverages
  • Any Private Expenses
  • Airport Transfers
    Transfers to the start location and finish location back to the airport.
  • Room Service Fees

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